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national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. >> as we begin with breaking news out of the white house -- for the second time this week, president obama has taken to the airwaves to pressure republicans to abandon the fight to raise the nation's debt limit. jummy olabanji has been watching the political back and forth all morning and she is live with details.
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president obama says the country has run of its credit card and it is time to pay the bill. he criticized lawmakers on capitol hill for cutting this close to the august 2 deadline. especially since the treasury department says they have no way to give congress and more time. >>at his second news conference in five days, president obama spoke directly to all members of congress. >> you need, over the next 24-36 hours, to give me a sense of what your plan is to get the debt ceiling raised for whatever mechanisms they can think about and show me a plan in terms of what you are doing 4 deficit and debt reduction. >> after meeting for five days straight, congressional leaders decided not to go to the white house today but rather meet with their individual parties behind closed doors. to figure out exactly what they want. >> quite frankly, members of congress are getting tired of what the president won't do and what the president wants. >> the president's plan is to
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have $4 trillion worth of cuts. it includes tax increases for everyone. under this plan, both parties would make major compromises but republicans say they have a plan of their own. >> it is time for the democrats to get serious as well. >> if the debt ceiling is not raised by the august 2 deadline, the government will default on its debts. president obama says if that happens every american will carry the burden that i think it is important for the american people. >> i think it is important for the american people for everybody in this town to set politics aside and their individual interests aside and we try to do some tough stuff. >> house republicans said it will introduce their own bill to cut spending next week. the president has warned them that he does not want a short- term fix. >> thank you. dozens of supporters
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gathered this morning as a virginia mother is accused of murder appeared in court. prosecutors say karen murphy left her two-year-old son in a hot minivan for hours. we go live to the courthouse in manassas. the death of the two-year old shocked some. it is a horrific situation. it has divided the community. some of the people who believe that karen murphy is the victim of an overzealous prosecutor showed up here. they gathered outside the court house, dozens of supporters of karen murphy. , the young mother facing felony murder charges after she left her two-year old son ryan and her minivan last month for seven hours. the child died from the heat. >> this was a tragic accident and not a crime. this means the world to her. i wish she could have come out here to say something to them
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but it would not have been a pro. . >> appropriate. >> they took into account prior events. karen murphy also left ryan in her minivan last winter that it was not until the day care center called to alert her that he had not been delivered to the day care center that she realized she had left the little boy in the minivan. they are going forward with these charges and murphy will go on trial next march. >> thank you. the jury is hearing closing arguments for the prince george's county man suspected of murdering two mothers and two daughters. the 28-year-old is on trial now in federal court in greenbelt not for those murders but for carjacking, fire arm, and child pornography charges. if he is debated on those, he could face life in prison.
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he is charged in the 2009 murders and he will be in court for that in november. he is also suspected of killing another mother and daughter of largo. things are back to normal at holy cross hospital after a fire there last night. it started just after 11:00 p.m. near a justshaft. smoke spread through the ventilation system forcing some patients to be moved to another part of the hospital. it took firefighters about 20 minutes to put the flames out and no one was hurt. crews are on the scene of two big water main breaks in southeast washington at this hour. one of the six-teen-inch water main breaks broke last by. >> when i came home last night it was bubbling industry. dc water was here. it was not near a store or manhole cover.
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-- it was not near a sewer or manhole cover. i had no water this morning that of the brakes may not be fixed until 8:00 tonight. the roads are closed up in those areas so you can expect traffic diversions and delays. is another picture perfect day outside but will the temperatures start to climb for the weekend? steve rudin has details and a first look at our forecast. enjoy the weather today because things will start to change as we move into the weekend. winchester is at 77 degrees and reagan national airport is one degree warmer and 79 degrees in fredericksburg. high pressure is now just about to move off the coast. once that happens that will signal a change in air mass and things will start to heat up and it will become much more humid outside. changes are on the way with daytime highs this afternoon in the mid 80's and compare that to the mid to upper 90's and i will tell you when the real hot
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weather will arrive in our next forecast. thank you. the government is launching an investigation after yet another incident on a runway at a major airport. two planes in boston clipped each other yesterday at logan airport with no serious injuries but they airplanes were damaged. is this the son of a bigger failure? >> both planes were about to take off at boston's logan international when the wing tip of a 767 jet clipped the tale of a regional plan. one passenger reported a minor injury. >> people were freaking out and the girl next to me was by the went crying -- by the wing crying. >> it was still light out. the airplane turned onto a taxiway perpendicular to the bigger planes.
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the delta jet bound for amsterdam was carrying more than 200 passengers. it is not clear of the bigger planes pilot thought to have enough room to get by. >> we will have to come back to the gate. we might have to get towed back to the gate. we had an aircraft that another aircraft. >> some aviation experts see a disturbing trend developing. last month at jfk, a near miss when a lufthansa jet and an egypt air flight and in april another collision between a jumbo jet and a smaller plane once again the larger plane's wing tip clipped the tale of the smaller plane. john nance -- >> we've got to change the way we do things. >> the national transportation safety board is looking into this and will interview q members -- crewmembers and listen to flight data recorders as investigate what happened in boston. >> thank you. back here at home some d.c.
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teachers could be getting pink slips in the mail. those termination letters could go out as early as today to teachers who got two straight poor evaluations. the school chancellor has relaxed some of the evaluation rules and teachers who were judged minimally effective can be granted an exception. a maryland man is behind bars after police say he tried to kidnap a two-year old boy from a best buy store. the kidnapping attempt happened at the best buy on frederick road in germantown wednesday afternoon investigators said the 28-year-old grabbed the boy. customers chased him and held him down until police arrived here remains jailed on $75,000 bond. a heads up to metro riders -- metro is planning more repair work for this weekend. the red, orange, blue, and
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will be affected 20-30 minute delays will be expected and repairs start tonight at 10:00. it is part of a $5 billion capital improvement program. coming up, a plot to assassinate the president. we will have new information on osama bin laden's plans to assassinate president obama. $1 million to talk? that offer comes in as katey as of late spencer last two days in jail. gambling on the go -- d.c. is trying to cash in on the food truck craze and we will tell you how. first, we will be back to tell you about the weather.
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♪ >> the current nasa up final shuttle mission to spaces wait for an important phone call. president obama will call the astronauts at the international space station this afternoon. the crew members were roused from sleep early this morning to fix another failed computer. atlantis is set to return to earth next -- late next week. >> nearly three months after osama bin laden was killed, we are learning new details about his plot against the united states. not only was he planning an attack on the upcoming 10th anniversary of 9/11 but he also wanted to assassinate president obama. officials tell us that the plot involved trying to shoot down air force one. he also planned to target general david petraeus then the commander in afghanistan and the current cia director. >> is difficult but not impossible to shoot down either
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general petraeus or the president's plane. the reality is because of the counter measures and other planes and helicopters in the air, not a likely scenario. >> investigators do not believe the planning got very far. is a major step forward in the rebel struggle to topple moammar khaddafi. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says the white house has decided to recognize the rebels as libya's legitimate government. more than 30 nations joined the u.s. in calling the national transitional council libya's legitimate leader. that means the u.s. will be able to fund the opposition. the rebel advance has stalled for weeks despite nato air strikes in support. casey anthony will get her first taste of freedom in two days but hurt legal troubles are far from over. a judge is hearing a defamation lawsuit against her in an orlando courtroom. a woman says she malign her reputation when she made up a
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baby sitter and name and claimed she kidnapped her two-year-old daughter. this month, casey anthony was acquitted of the murder. radar is reporting that a free-lance tv producer has offered casey anthony $1 million for her first television interview after she gets out of jail. monsoon storms got an early start near denver, about two inches of rain fell yesterday afternoon and flooded several streets. denver neighborhoods had quarter-sized hail and more storms are expected this afternoon. fortunately, none of that is coming our way. nothing like that but we have the heat and humidity coming back. we had a break for the last couple of days. yesterday was beautiful and slightly below average.
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it will come to an end later this weekend. annapolis, maryland, some clouds will not give us or rain but get your sunglasses out for the afternoon. 78 degrees at reagan national airport. the dew point level is in the comfortable range at 60. this is our latest time lapse from washington lee high school in arlington. the skies are beginning to clear a little bit. there is lots of sun on the way. 74 degrees in upper northwest d.c. the wind is out of the west- southwest at 3 miles per hour. alexandra is looking at 77 degrees. in the afternoon, temperatures will increase by 10 degrees or so. 75 and gaithersburg and 78 downtown and 79 degrees in fredericksburg. the heat and humidity will start to build. 85 degrees in st. louis and 83 degrees in nashville with dew point levels beginning to increase into the upper 60's.
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as we look at radar, there is not a whole lot going on very high pressure will move off the coast and that will keep us up. a heat advisory and heat warnings are in effect for the mid part of the country. nothing like that for the beaches. they are looking really nice at ocean city with daytime highs tomorrow and sunday in the lower 80's with lots of sunshine. here is our forecast for today -- partly sunny 83 degrees cooler temperatures to the north tonight, nighttime lows will fall into the upper 50's and the day tomorrow looks nice again, a bit more fuel to the outside and ed another couple of degrees to the temperature upper 80's. here is the extended outlook -- warmer temperatures and hot weather monday, tuesday wednesday, thursday well into the 90's with the heat index
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around 100 degrees. will track the heat for you. you can check out the latest weather blog. on the beach for kasparov you make me jealoucast. >> the district is betting on a new way to sell lottery tickets. the d.c. lottery lucky lottery mobile is making its debut today. they want to tap into a food truck popularity by using the 26-foot truck to reel in gambling lunch crowds. they will the scratch of tickets, power ball, and made millions. the eastern pennsylvania river runners launched their fifth operations helping heroes freedom ride this morning. they set off from sandy point state park in annapolis and they
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will be going 400 miles round trip or the next three days to raise $300 to donate to soldiers wounded in action.
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♪ they are calling it carmageddon, major gridlock is expected when a 10-mile stretch of 405 in los angeles shut down completely for 53 hours this weekend because of the construction and bridge replacement project. an emergency operation center
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has been set up and residents are being urged to treat this like a disaster and stay home. it is the end of an era of many kids and grown-ups know and a great reason to stay up for harry potter fans. muggles lined up last night to catch the midnight showing of the last harry potter movie. all 16 theaters at the kings 10 theater in alexandria were sold out and that meant an extra showing was scheduled for 2:45 a.m. some fans waited in line 24 hours. the movie is out and you can check out the final movie. arch campbell tells us the film will cast a spell over audiences. >> good morning. >> the boy who lives
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comes to die. >> patrick harry potter sets up the final battle. kadaniel radcliffe and others have what it takes and alan rickman makes a memorable villain. >> if anyone in here has any knowledge of mr. potter's movements of this evening, i invite them to step forward. >> a grand finale to a grand series. this is the weekend movie guide --
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i hope you have a great weekend. i am arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. by the way, we are told that the smithsonian is planning to show this new harry potter movie at its imax theater. still
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there's a beach in florida that is likely to say this to beach in which to take a swim.
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lifeguards at the beach in sarasota competed in the southeast regional life-saving championship. men and women from all over the state can out to show off their skills and the competitors range from 18-78 years old and lifeguards compete in boating advance. i have been there and it is gorgeous. >> if you retire, you can become a lifeguard. >> for many years to come. have a nice forecast on the way for the next couple of days and the heat and humidity will turn up and you'll want to head to ocean city. temperatures are near 85 today and a bit warmer to more but mid-90's by tuesday of next week. is where you can check out the forecast before you head out to the beach or the mountains if you are into the cooler weather. >> that is it for us, have a great day and a great weekend.
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